5 Benefits to Registering on

We think you'll appreciate the following 5 benefits to being a registered member:

1. Greater Exposure for your business

1. Greater Exposure for your business

Our guest blogs and articles allow you the opportunity to educate our members about your product/service, creating greater awareness of the problems your business can help solve.

2. Gain Valuable Insight from Other Professionals -

Our generous members-only offers from fellow business owners give you access to the tools, skills, and experience of your fellow Southwest Florida Business Network professionals.

3. Easier Accessibility -

With all your contact info in one place, other members will not have to go far to find or introduce you to other business owners and opportunities. The frustration of searching through emails, phone contacts, and social media is over.

4. Deeper, More Relevant Connections -

Our forum will only show the posts of our members - people you’ve met and know personally. No more feeling like you’re yelling into the vastness of Grand Canyon for attention, which is what it can seem like when posting on the large, cluttered social sites.

5. More Organized Information -

We know we send a lot of emails. With much of our information consolidated on our site, we aim to be less intrusive of your inbox.

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