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I'm a recently exited Founder / CEO of an Education Tech co. and serial entrepreneur, interested to share "lessons learned," tools, processes and best practices w/ other business owners and leaders looking to grow / scale their business, increase value and / or exit in the near future.

In my most recent role, I raised Series A&B capital, invented / iterated / and brought award-winning products to market, chaired a board of directors, fine-tuned how to hire / retain / develop / lead a team of A-players (this is so critical to any business!), closed and managed $multi-million relationships, successfully ran the company's exit process performing as Investment Banker (although I'm so not an IB), and built an arsenal of use cases for what to do, yet more importantly, what NOT to do, in order to best execute on sound strategy while optimizing cash flow. Building high value takes growth and speed, IMO. However, it's easy to get 'stuck' or complacent in a business' life cycle and not achieve optimal outcomes for yourself and your family.

I remember not having many other CEO's and biz leaders / executives to call on and get advice on my "challenge of the moment" throughout the years, so I look forward to collaborating and building trust w/ members of this group interested in that. I'm in North Naples so feel free to reach out: 917-539-5287


Angelo Biasi

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